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Flying High with Trust: Inside FlyGuys’ Expert Team


Reality data capture and aerial technology are a large part of the success of many companies seeking quality data. These days, finding a partner you can trust isn’t just a preference; it’s a necessity. At FlyGuys, we’re not just about offering cutting-edge data capturing solutions; we’re about building a trusted network—a family of dedicated partners, organizations, and individuals committed to the same core values: reliability, honesty, and quality. This isn’t just our mission; it’s our promise to our professional data capturers and customers from every industry we serve.

Our Team: Diverse Experiences, Unified by Data

Trust is the bedrock of any meaningful relationship, especially in business. Our customers rely on us for our services, but they also get the peace of mind of knowing they’re in capable hands. Our network is carefully curated and consists of partners and team members who are leaders in their fields and share a dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality.

The FlyGuys network encompasses many experts, from drone pilots to SaaS companies to software engineers and marketing experts. Each member of our ecosystem brings their unique expertise and resources to the table, creating a team of talent ready to serve you. This diversity ensures that no matter your project’s specifics, we have the right people with the right skills to meet and exceed your expectations.

Many of our operations and sales team members have previously worked in some sort of capacity that lead them to drone solutions. Whether in drone management, selling drone solutions, or hands-on experience, the FlyGuys team comes together with different experiences and industry focuses with the common denominator of data capture. The following team members are experts in their field ready to find data solutions for your success.


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Our senior Vice President of Operations, DaCoda Bartels, co-founded a previous drone services company. Focusing on stabilized camera payloads, DaCoda’s career as a licensed helicopter pilot brought him to the world of reality data capture. 






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The construction industry is one of our more popular use cases for reality data capture. Many of our sales team, operations, and pilots have years of experience in this field in some capacity. They are well versed in how critical progress monitoring and communication with stakeholders is to any construction management project




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UAV degrees

Kaleb is our senior Mission Coordinator with a UAV degree. His passion for aerial technology keeps him updated on emerging data-capturing trends. Kaleb’s ability to quickly grasp and integrate evolving technologies helps him find solutions for our customers. 





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Josh B. is our go-to expert on all things roofing. He has almost a decade of hands-on experience in the roofing inspection industry, specifically in data capture. He understands the significance of safety and accuracy in roofing inspections, promoting that a well-maintained roof will save property owners money in the long run.    




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Cell Tower Inspections

After serving in the USMC within the UAS sector, Mission Coordinator Bryce began a career in the telecommunications industry. With his extensive knowledge of the field, he is our resident expert in cell tower inspections. Bryce realizes the importance of regular cell tower inspections and the safety risks associated with them. Utilizing drones for data capture reduces these risks and alleviates communications disruptions. 



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Our Premium Team includes LiDAR experts. Matthew, our LiDAR Processor and Analyzer, previously managed drone operations and research surveys for the LSU Ag Center. Jess, our sales LiDAR guru, has sat on countless panels discussing the benefits of collecting, processing, and analyzing LiDAR data. 




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W.T. is part of our sales team and has over 30 years of insurance industry consulting experience. His passion for helping customers find the most effective solutions led him to understand that reality data capture is not only beneficial but also necessary for the future of insurance inspections.   





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Carson, our Sr. Strategic Account Manager has over a decade of factory automation experience, including industrial robotics and AI-powered machine vision. Another sales team member, Kenny, has previous experience selling robotics and a digital microscope. Both of these guys understand the profound impact automation and the ability to adapt to new technologies have on various industries seeking data. 



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Julia, our Operations Manager, is an expert in many aspects of drone technology and reality data capture solutions. One of her many specialties is in the solar industry. Julia speaks passionately about the benefits and need for drone technology for solar farms, predicting the automatic inspections from drone docks that will increase industry efficiency significantly. 




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As a former operations manager for an Ag SaaS company, Josh N. knows how reality data capture is the future of the agriculture industry. A portion of our nationwide network of professional pilots also has extensive experience flying thousands of acres. Their experience affords them insights into the nature of data collection needed for successful collection. 





We Understand Your Needs

What sets FlyGuys apart is our genuine commitment to understanding and aligning with your project goals. Through open communication and collaboration, we can ensure that our services are perfectly matched to your needs. Whether you need detailed aerial surveys, precise mapping, or consistent progress reports, we’re here to deliver quality data that drives your success.


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Fly with FlyGuys

Choosing FlyGuys means choosing a partner committed to your success. It means access to a broad spectrum of aerial solutions backed by a network of experts prepared to tackle your challenges. If you’re ready to take your projects to new heights, we’re here to lift you up. Our trusted network is not just our strength—it’s your advantage.

To learn more about reality data capture for your business, contact FlyGuys today.


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