LiDAR for Mining Site Management

From evaluating land for opportunities to creating models of open-pit mines, UAV LiDAR technology is playing a key role in improving modern mining operations. With our nationwide network of experienced, licensed pilots and project managers, mining companies are working with FlyGuys to get key data while lowering costs, improving efficiency, and increasing safety at mining sites.

drone inspection - FlyGuys drone inspection services help with property management and maintenance

Using LiDAR in Mine Mapping and Surveying

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) is a method of measuring and examining the surface of an open pit mine or a pre-mining location LiDAR sensors attached to drones. The lasers continually scan the surface, and the time it takes for the light to bounce off the earth and back to the sensor is measured. This data, combined with GPS information, is used to create a point cloud of elevation points across the area, which licensed professionals can then use to create accurate, high-resolution elevation models and 3D maps.

How LiDAR Improves Mining Operations

Licensed professionals can use the LiDAR collected at every stage of a mining project, from inspecting and surveying the area and planning operations to creating a plan for returning the land back to a natural state at the end of the project.

Increasing Safety

Mines and mining operations are often located in remote locations with challenging terrain, including steep embankments and unstable ground foundation. Using drones to gather data keeps your team away from dangerous areas as well as provides essential data related to where areas are safe to mine and where there may be higher risks.

Increase Speed of Data Collection

If a future mining site is covered in vegetation, it can make data collection challenging. However, LiDAR technology is able to scan areas covered in vegetation, and produce a comprehensive data set of what the ground looks like in a short period of time. Additionally, using drones with LiDAR increases data collection times for mining sites, especially those that span over a large area.

Minimize Costs and Maximize Revenue

Not only is LiDAR an efficient way to gather in-depth data of your site that many licensed professionals find invaluable, it also can help reduce time and labor. You will also see long-term returns by gaining volumetrics data as LiDAR can be used to measure the volume contained within an area, allowing you to get more precise estimates of production and output.

Why Choose FlyGuys for Your Mining Company

At FlyGuys, we have a nationwide network of licensed, professional drone pilots. Our pilots all have FAA Part 107 Certification.

With the capacity to scan up to 700 acres per day and no limitations placed due to challenging terrain, we can tackle any type of mining project and use three levels of sensors to gather the data you need based on your budget and accuracy requirements:

  • Riegl Sensor with a relative accuracy spec of up to 15 mm and a scan speed of up to 100,000 scans per section, this is ideal for licensed professionals in need of high-precision data.
  • Green Valley Scanner is a cost-effective option with a relative accuracy spec of 10 cm or less.

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We have a large scale network of drone pilots that are nationwide, which gives us the advantage of being able to deploy quickly and at a low cost across the country. All our pilots are licensed, insured, and dedicated to helping you get the data you need. If you are ready to implement drone inspections as part of your maintenance procedures then please give us a call today at 1-888-376-6965 or fill out the contact form below.