Transmission & Distribution Drone Inspections

There are many large-scale transmission and distribution utility companies that have fully incorporated drones into their regular inspection processes, with an ever increasing amount of T&D utilities moving in the same direction. It’s not a matter of if, but when drones will be the standard for collecting Transmission & Distribution Asset Data. Using drones is a cost effective, practical, and less risky method of collecting high resolution data to inspect your utility’s transmission & distribution assets.


L3Harris Utility Asset Inspection & Data Management Software Amplify™

As a Utility Company, how do you collect, store, inspect, organize, manage, and catalog the statuses of your assets with such a large volume of data being collected?

The solution is with Amplify™, an L3Harris Geospatial platform designed specifically for this purpose. Amplify can process, analyze, and store data for easy access to actionable insights. Amplify’s solutions can also easily integrate with your existing systems.

FlyGuys powered by L3Harris’ Utility Asset Management Software Amplify allows us to offer a full turnkey solution to all your asset inspection and management needs.

By working closely with L3Harris’ Geospatial division we have defined and tested the most effective and efficient means of collecting the right amount of data. From the proper angles, elevations, and distances, to the most effective type of equipment to use in order to ensure peak performance of Amplify’s AI system.

Just like with any system the quality of the data you input into a system determines the quality of the data the system outputs. By defining the proper capture and project management techniques prior to the mission, FlyGuys is able to guarantee quality data, knowledgeable project management, professional crews, and safe cost effective Transmission & Distribution inspections. This means faster collection times, less reflies and site visits, and high quality reporting of your asset statuses.


We Can Help Implement a Drone Inspection Program

Whether you are looking to improve an existing drone inspection program, or you are looking to implement one, FlyGuys can help. With our experience working with utility companies, we understand the requirements that are needed to successfully execute and grow a drone inspection program. We can conduct, manage, and give advice on the best approach for safely conducting your inspections of distribution, transmission, and substations. We offer a variety of services and can customize them for your specific needs and scopes.

How exactly should a utility company implement drones into their existing transmission and distribution inspection program?

At FlyGuys we take the time to understand your company’s goals, culture, and requirements and advise you on the best approach. Whether you want to take it in-house or outsource to us, we have the capabilities.

Do you have an internal drone inspection team that needs guidance on proper collection techniques?

We provide training and consulting services on proper capture methods. If you are in need of additional man power we can help staff your projects with professional drone pilots experienced working in the T&D sector.

Our pilots are highly experienced in UAV projects and have flown a variety of missions. They are FAA certified and will work with you to capture the information for your project’s requirements.

Are you looking to build an in-house inspection program?

We offer consulting and project management services using your internally employed pilots.

UAV LiDAR - a point cloud collected in one pass of a FlyGuys LiDAR drone
Aerial drone photography of power lines

How We Inspect Power Lines for Utility Companies

From small scale POC’s to large scale multi-thousand asset inspections, our professional project managers will work with your team to meet your deadlines in a safe and cost effective manner.

        1. We understand your scope and what you are looking for as an end deliverable. From RGB and Infrared, to [link id=3251] LiDAR [/link] LiDAR and specialty sensors FlyGuys can collect it all
        2. We estimate and schedule out the project to meet your timeline and cost requirements
        3. We mobilize to the project, perform client specific safety training for all crew members
        4.  We begin collecting your data

Every project is unique and requires a lead project manager who is responsible for all team scheduling and logistics. This same project manager will coordinate with your responsible representative ensuring FlyGuys completes the structures in the order you need them to be inspected and within the proper time frame.

Types of Power Line Inspections


Utility companies are leaning towards drone inspection for their transmission and distribution lines because of the efficiencies over other alternatives.

Inspecting Power Lines via Conventional Methods

Using ground based manned crews and bucket trucks, although effective, is an outdated and costly way to manage your assets. It tends to be a slower method of collecting data, and can become a challenge in hard to reach locations.

Helicopter-Based Power Line Inspections

Helicopter-based inspections gather good imagery, but usually from one angle. This doesn’t allow engineers or any AI system to discern degradations on all sides of the components. This method can also be very costly to run and maintain. With a cheaper price point and the added images from all angles, plus higher resolution data, we believe it is in your best interest to implement and test out a drone based collection trial to see if it fits your company’s culture, environment, workflows, and structure.

Benefits of Transmission & Distribution Drone Inspection

  • Easy to deploy
  • More efficient on time and money
  • Rate of repair percentage increases
  • Improve inspection and detection
  • Identify RoW encroachment
  • Historical data for future referencing
  • Fault identification
  • Line sag measurements

Drone Inspections Improve Safety for Utility Companies

Our highest priority and most important responsibility is the safety of our pilots and the surrounding communities. The major benefit of drone inspections is that they completely eliminate fall hazards and manned aircraft risks.

All safety managers know that we want to mitigate and/or manage risk to the best of our abilities, but the best option is to completely eliminate the risk. By using drones you completely eliminate two specific situational risks; fall hazards when inspecting with traditional inspection methods, and manned aircraft hazards when inspection takes place using aircrafts such as helicopters.

Our drone pilots always operate at a safe distance from the asset. There are zero fall hazards and zero manned aircraft hazards.

Get Started on Your Utility Drone Inspection Program

If you are ready to start gathering drone data as part of your transmission and distribution inspections then please give us a call.

FlyGuys prides itself on being one of the top drone service providers in the nation. We understand that we are providing a service and the clients’ needs must come first. Our main goal is to provide reliable, safe, and cost effective services with quality guaranteed.

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