Drone Inspection

Drone Inspection

In industries where there are large structures that require regular inspection and maintenance – think cell towers, wind turbines – or locations that are dangerous for people to go, e.g., pitched roofs or hazardous waste sites, drone inspection can be hugely valuable.

drone inspection - FlyGuys drone inspection services help with property management and maintenance

Protecting workers

Drone inspection is more cost-effective than using ground crews or traditional aviation methods such as survey via helicopter. You can get clear 360-degree assessments remotely, then zero in for granular inspections where indicated. For example, a drone can hover around the outside of a support beam or cement pour to check for movement, cracks or other problems.

Drones can help maintenance staff know where to go and what tools to bring before they climb. Drones can also check environmental hazards and the integrity to be sure it’s even safe to climb.

Performing advanced inspection tasks

Thermal, multispectral and topographical views from drone imaging support a variety of advanced inspection tasks. Drones that are equipped with thermal imaging cameras can detect differences in temperature which may indicate surface degradation or cracks.

Speeding projects to completion

Across the entire project lifecycle – from requirements to final signoff – drone aerial imaging enables the precise remote inspections of worksites to help keep projects on track and on budget, and to expose issues before they create hazards or delays. Additionally, drone inspections simplify compliance documentation and reporting.

Drones are a powerful tool in the civil construction professional’s toolbox when used for inspections. Drone inspection benefits save money, protect workers and help safely speed projects to completion.

Located across the United States, FlyGuys drone pilots are professionally certified, FAA compliant and fully insured.