Drone Mapping & Drone Surveying Services

For fast, accurate, and affordable land surveying across the US, reach out to FlyGuys for a free consultation! Our drone mapping and surveying can be completed 100 times faster than traditional surveying methods and at a fraction of the cost, while providing you with a safe solution to mapping inhospitable terrain.

drone mapping services

How Drone Surveying Changes How Maps Are Created

With drone scanning, we are able to use several measurement and mapping methods to obtain accurate positional data, including LiDAR, infrared, high-res RGB, multispectral and other sensors and technologies. After capturing the data, it can then be converted to 3D maps that can be annotated and shared in the cloud.

In addition to surface distance from one point to another, we can use drones to measure different types of elements, allowing for a wider variety of topographic, hydrographic and thermal maps, and making it possible to obtain accurate volumetric calculations. From measuring water levels to monitor changes to creating in-depth maps that determine flood plains, our drone pilots can collect more comprehensive information than ever before.

Benefits of Drone Mapping

Using drones for surveying offers the following advantages over traditional, land-based surveying:

Improved Safety

When dangerous terrain has to be measured and mapped, sending teams out to these areas can lead to accidents and injury. Instead, drones can be deployed to scan mountainous areas, icy locations, and areas where wildlife may be a concern, creating a safer environment for your team.


Drones can scan acres of land in a fraction of the time it takes to manually survey on the ground, especially in areas of challenging terrain. On average, our teams scan 600 acres per day per team.

Reduced Cost

Being able to send a drone up to capture data is faster and safer, which automatically reduces costs. On top of that, relying on our team means you pay one simple fee for your data, rather than having to invest in expensive equipment, personnel training, and insurance.

Better Quality of Data

Drones are constantly scanning and creating thousands of measurements, and when the data is compiled, you will receive incredibly detailed, highly accurate point file within a few millimeters.

Industries Relying on Drone Surveying

Land mapping and surveying is used across numerous industries who require accurate information related to topography, proximity to water, and other factors. We often contract with the following industries:

Located across the United States, FlyGuys drone pilots are professionally certified, FAA compliant and fully insured.

Why Choose FlyGuys for Drone Mapping Services

At FlyGuys, we have a nationwide network of licensed, insured drone pilots who can tackle any size project, whether it’s a single acre of rough terrain or one million acres of jungle. Once the area is scanned, our data analysts will process and refine the data, and you’ll receive a customized dataset within two weeks of the completion of the flight.

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