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Drone Consulting Services

If your organization is seeking to launch a drone program or offer drone services to other businesses, you need to be able to rely on an experienced team to create and implement a customized strategy that will help you meet your goals while ensuring cost-efficiency, regulatory compliance, and safety. Our expert consultants offer custom strategies to help your drone program succeed.

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LiDAR Drone Consulting

FlyGuys offers LiDAR-based consulting services for companies looking to utilize LiDAR technology and scale their services. We work with clients to develop long term strategies and establish safety protocols to enable them to take advantage of the many applications and possibilities of LiDAR data.

The transition from managing a single pilot and drone to deploying and managing multiple pilots and drones requires complex processes and systems to ensure operations are effective and safe. Drawing on our experience working within many different industries, FlyGuys helps clients take the steps needed to successfully implement LiDAR technology within any organization.

Our Drone Consultant Services

Drones save businesses time and money and improve operational efficiency in both the private and public sectors, leading more organizations to create in-house drone programs. Whether you are just beginning to plan out your drone program or are ready to scale to a national level, FlyGuys is ready to help. Our consultants will sit down with you to create a comprehensive, step-by-step plan to implement a successful drone program throughout your organization.


Goal-Setting and Strategy

After learning more about your organization’s needs, FlyGuys will help you create and implement an in-depth, step-by-step program, including customized training, policies, hardware, software, and standard operating procedures.



Having a standard operating procedure in place from project planning to data analysis ensures safety and reliable, accurate results. We will help you create procedures that enable you to ensure regulatory compliance, effectively engage in multiple projects, and ensure consistency throughout your organization.


Pilot Development

We will help you train and educate pilots to ensure they have the knowledge and experience necessary to safely pilot UAVs while collecting high-quality data. Our drone consultants will also help you determine if outsourcing drone pilots is the right step for your organization.



Choosing the right drones and accessories can be a complicated hassle, especially when unfamiliar with the right equipment needed. FlyGuys can help you choose the right equipment or even provide you with cost-efficient drone rentals depending on your needs.

Industries Relying on Drone Consultants

Businesses and organizations rely on drones for land surveying, asset inspections, progress monitoring, and marketing videos and photography. By creating and launching internal drone programs, many organizations have seen improved operational efficiency and safety in sectors such as:
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Energy and Utilities

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Industrial and Manufacturing

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Emergency Services

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Real Estate

Our drone consultants have worked with clients from these industries and understand what is necessary to successfully set up in-house drone programs.

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