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Find answers to some of the most common questions FlyGuys receives from prospective partners and clients below.

For Partners

How will I access my data?
Data is accessed through our proprietary portal or a viewable link to online deliverables. We can also use API tools to access existing systems for ease of delivery.

What is your average turnaround time?
Projects are typically ready within 2-5 business days with an ASAP mindset for all non-LiDAR work.

Can LiDAR penetrate the ground?
No. LiDAR can penetrate tree canopy and vegetation to reach the true ground but cannot go beneath the Earth’s surface.

Who owns the data that you collect?
FlyGuys owns all data collected using our technology unless otherwise specified by the client.

Do you service my area?
If you are within the US, absolutely! All inquiries originating outside the United States will be considered on an individual basis.

What is the typical cost of LiDAR services?
LiDAR services generally range from $6,500 to $9,000 per day and up to $12,000 depending on client needs.

What packages do you offer for my industry?
FlyGuys does not offer set packages; instead, we work with our clients to deliver exactly what they need on an individual basis. Volume discounts are available and we encourage MSAs for recurring work.

Is there a minimum acreage requirement for LiDAR services?
There is no minimum acreage requirement for LiDAR services. However, LiDAR is most cost-effective for site sizes of 50 acres or more.

How soon can you fly my mission?
We fly as soon as possible based on factors such as weather, pilot availability, site availability and airspace restrictions.

For Pilots

How do I get more drone work?
Jobs become available to our pilots as we receive them from our partners.

What is your average pay per job for pilots?
On average, our pilots are paid around $100 per hour.

What are your most active industries?
Our most active industries are surveying, engineering, construction, real estate and solar energy.

Which drones are most popular amongst your pilots?
Mavic 2 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro V2 are among the most popular drones within our network.

Are you in need of pilots in any specific area?
We are always looking for more pilots to join our network! Regardless of your location, we encourage you to apply at app.flyguys.com.

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