Drone Services

Most people are familiar with the idea of drones capturing aerial photos and videos for marketing purposes, but if you take a moment to think about it, there are so many other ways to put drones to work. In fact, our drone services have the ability to completely transform the way people do business in many industries.

drone services - FlyGuys drone services can help with marketing, mapping, surveying, and more

New Opportunities

Drone imaging can eliminate the need for cranes, helicopters or planes to perform remote imaging, monitoring and inspection. Taking it a step further, drones equipped with cameras or other sensors can be paired with analytics and data services to unlock a whole new realm of extreme value.

Use Cases

Aside from aerial images and marketing, drones services can also assist with surveying and mapping. A drone can be your eye in the sky when it comes to security or inspection purposes, it can monitor the progress of construction projects, and it can easily reach places that would be costly, hazardous and time intensive – or even impossible – for people.

Only the sky is the limit!

drone services - FlyGuys provides marketing solutions with drones


aerial imaging taken with drone

Drone Imaging

drone services - FlyGuys provides surveying and mapping solutions with drones

Surveying & Mapping

drone services - FlyGuys provides progress monitoring solutions with drones

Asset Inspections

drone services - FlyGuys provides progress monitoring solutions with drones

Progress Monitoring

drone services - FlyGuys provides security solutions with drones