Nationwide Drone Services

With nationwide drone services from FlyGuys, you can get the accurate and comprehensive data and high resolution images you need, while improving jobsite safety, minimizing costs, and increasing efficiency across numerous projects. In addition to a national network of FAA-licensed and insured pilots with a range of skills and experience, we also have project managers and imaging specialists working together to get your deliverables to you in a quick turnaround time at an affordable price.

drone services - FlyGuys drone services can help with marketing, mapping, surveying, and more

Our Drone Services

While drones are often relied on for aerial images in marketing and real estate, that’s just one way they can be used. We’re unlocking their full potential by connecting high-end sensors and cameras and pairing them with data analysis to transform captured images into highly detailed data sets, 3D models, and more.


Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a fast, highly accurate way to examine the surface of the earth by measuring how light reflects from the surface, in conjunction with GPS and inertial measurement. Not only does this measure distance, it can measure elevations so the data can be used to create 3D models, topographical maps, and contour maps.

Drone Inspections

When you need to assess and inspect job sites and equipment to meet regulatory requirements and safety, drone inspections minimize risk and cost while maximizing efficiency. Our drones can record data in the most challenging areas, including tops of cell towers and inside boilers, which your inspector can review and make informed decisions.

Drone inspections are used in:

Industrial Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is the method of taking measurements by using photographs, but we are elevating this process through drone imaging. Our rapid aerial image capturing and remote sensing can transform high-resolution images into incredibly accurate, thoroughly detailed 3D renderings and 3D models that show existing buildings, vegetation, and structures which can be used to aid in projects such as mapping and construction planning.

Progress Monitoring

Drones can provide images that show a wide variety of angles, including close-up shots and wide-scale aerial images. By following the same flight plan over a period of time, you can easily monitor and track progress on your construction project as well as identify issues before they turn into problems.

Selecting FlyGuys for Custom Drone Services

We work with clients from a wide variety of industries including land development, solar farms, forestry, utilities, oil and gas, and engineering. We provide cost-effective data solutions that can be delivered in a short-time scale, so you can make more informed decisions quickly.

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