Drone Services

Nationwide Drone Services

FlyGuys nationwide drone services provides accurate, comprehensive data and high-resolution images you need to improve jobsite safety, minimize costs, and increase efficiency across a variety of projects. Our national network of insured and FAA-licensed pilots work with our project managers and imaging specialists to deliver results quickly and at an affordable price.

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Choosing FlyGuys for Custom Drone Services

FlyGuys works with clients from a wide variety of industries including land development, solar farming, forestry, utilities, oil and gas, and engineering. We provide cost-effective data solutions with a fast turnaround, enabling clients to make informed decisions quickly.

Our Drone Services

Drones are a well-known source of aerial images in marketing and real estate, but that’s only one way they can be used. We’re unlocking their full potential by pairing high-end sensors and cameras with data analysis to transform captured images into highly detailed data sets, 3D models, and more.

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Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a fast, highly accurate way to examine the surface of the earth by measuring the reflection of light from the surface. Using GPS and inertial measurement. LiDAR measures both distance and elevations to capture data used to create 3D models, topographical maps, and contour maps.

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Progress Monitoring

Drones can provide images from a wide variety of angles, including close-up shots and wide-scale aerial images. By following the same flight plan over a period of time, organizations can easily monitor and track progress on your construction project and identify issues before they turn into problems.

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Drone Inspections

When assessing job sites and equipment to meet regulatory requirements and safety objectives, drone inspections are a key tool to minimize risk and cost while maximizing efficiency. Our drones record data in challenging environments such as the tops of cell towers and inside boilers, allowing inspectors to safely review and make informed decisions.

Drone inspections are used in:

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Industrial Photogrammetry

Drone imaging dramatically elevates the benefits of industrial photogrammetry, a method of taking measurements using photographs. Our rapid aerial image capturing and remote sensing capabilities transform high-resolution images into incredibly accurate, thoroughly-detailed 3D renderings of existing structures and landscapes which can be used to aid in projects like mapping and construction planning.

Do you have a drone project we can help with?

Please note that we are currently unable to assist in the search for missing pets. This limitation is due to the specific challenges and regulations associated with using drones for such purposes.