Golf Course Drone Photography & Mapping

FlyGuys provides golf course drone photography services including marketing videos, drone inspections for maintenance and construction, aerial mapping, and a unique Digital Yardage Book application.

drone golf course - FlyGuys provides drone photography services for golf courses

Aerial Photography for Golf Courses

Aerial photography gives golf courses comprehensive collateral to market their properties in advanced and immersive ways.

Golf courses face a dilemma when promoting their properties; they must showcase their expansive beauty while also offering granular details that help players perfect their game. Ground-level photography and traditional marketing won’t cut it in today’s digital landscape, and flyover imaging with helicopters or planes is cost-prohibitive.

Golf course drone photography helps golf courses capture aerial images and comprehensive ground data quickly and affordably. The images and data collected lend themselves to marketing tactics that inspire players to take control of their game and gives the marketing team gorgeous imagery for use on your digital platforms and print brochures. In addition to the marketing possibilities, collecting data via drones for golf courses helps maintenance crews with oversight and upkeep.

Golf Course Drone Marketing

Aerial photos and videos capture the full beauty and unique terrain of your golf course, better than ground-level images. Our drone pilots are skilled in capturing effective drone golf course photography and will work with your communications team to create imagery that really informs golfers about the quality of your course and the complexity of the holes.

Benefits of Drone Golf Course Photography

  • A comprehensive Media Kit with bonus material. When you hire a FlyGuys to capture aerial images of your course, we’ll create the ultimate gallery of photos and/or videos. You’ll get a categorized, labeled set of files that are fully-optimized for the web so you have everything you need handy for marketing automation and social media.
  • Golf Course Web Plugin. We’ll create a plugin for your website that serves as an interactive course tour, including videos, images, hole descriptions, and caddy tips.
  • An Orthomosaic Course Map. We can create an orthomosaic* of your entire course, designed for annotation, collaboration, sharing, and more. Check it out and see the profound difference between our high-resolution map and one from Google Earth.
  • Promotional Videos. FlyGuys will create videos that are set to music that can be leveraged on your digital platforms and promotional presentations, helping you showcase course amenities.
  • Aerial Pathways. Give golfer’s videos and models of the hole from the ball’s perspective.

*multiple images stitched together to make a giant image

FlyGuys’ drone pilots are FAA Certified and experienced in capturing the images and video you need to showcase the true beauty of your golf course.

Contact us to learn how we can help you improve your marketing to increase course revenue.

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Creating a Digital Yardage Book with Drone Data

FlyGuys can help you create a digital yardage book for smart devices that far surpasses paper-based books. Forget drawings and animations — our drone will capture actual course imagery and videos that are much more visually appealing and accurate. The digital yardage book also shows caddy tips and yardage, and works on any mobile device.

For golfers: speeds up play because there are no blind spots and they know what to expect at each hole – they can plan their game in advance, like how NFL players study films in preparation for game day

For course owners: offers the opportunity to cross-sell and upsell to a captive audience while providing a modern amenity

We offer a branded app that golfers can use to book a tee time or see the yards from where they are to the center of the green. The app can show the front, middle, and back of the green without draining the user’s battery. Course owners can place messages and advertise within the app. Having the ability to cross sell your course’s products and services, such as lessons, merchandise, food and beverages, as well as tournaments and events, will only have a positive affect on your course’s bottom line.

FlyGuys’ drone pilots are FAA Certified and experienced in capturing the information you need to create a modern and innovative yardage book.

Contact us to learn how we can help you give golfers a competitive advantage while cross selling other course amenities to a captive audience.

drone golf course - FlyGuys aerial photography can help create a digital yardage book for your golf course
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Golf Course Maintenance, Planning, & Expansion

The quality of your course is directly related to the condition of your greens. Using drone images and video, FlyGuys can simplify and expedite the maintenance and improvement of your golf course. We have a variety of high-end drone sensors available, like the Riegl MiniVux LiDAR sensor, that we utilize to scan large areas of land. Surveyors can use this data to create contour files, 3D maps, and more.

  • Comprehensive course oversight. Know the condition of your greens and allocate resources (labor / water) more efficiently.
  • Irrigation and course health. Detect irrigation issues not seen in ground-level checks.
  • Plan and expand with thorough data. See the big picture for redesigning and/or planning golf course expansion, e.g., tree removal, building site selection. With our high-end drone sensors drones we can assist with surveying and mapping as well as inspections and monitoring construction progress.

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