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Looking to put your knowledge and experience with drone operation to work so you can earn an income while gaining exciting skills in a rapidly growing industry? Whether you’re just starting out or have a wide range of knowledge and skills, we’re currently adding pilots to our international drone pilot network.

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Why Join Our International Drone Pilot Network?

FlyGuys is proud to be an international leader in drone services, including LiDAR, inspections, photogrammetry, thermal, and more. We work with clients in all types of industries, including energy, forestry, construction, and archaeology, and are in need of pilots with varying types and levels of experience to best serve them. Even beginners have a place at FlyGuys, giving you unique opportunities to gain knowledge and build your skillset so you can work on more advanced missions and projects.

Gain Your Pilot License

All of our pilots have their FAA Part 107 Certification, and we are dedicated to helping aspiring pilots get the certification they need. If you don’t have your FAA certification, we can connect you with discounted rates for 107 training courses, then you simply need to visit your local FAA office to take the test, just like going to the DMV. Once you are an FAA-certified drone pilot, you are able to join our pilot network to begin accepting missions as well as gain access to tools, courses, and programs to help you build your skills.

Matching Missions to Your Skills

Once you’re part of our pilot network, we find out your skills and capabilities as a drone pilot to ensure you have access to the exact missions you’re qualified for.

Build Your Successful Business

Having an international drone pilot network allows us to work with more clients, provide more services, and improve client satisfaction. In turn, we are able to generate more missions for our pilots, help them become more successful in the drone industry, and increase their income. Our success directly becomes your success, and we support you in the following ways:

  • No-fee membership to our pilot network where you can accept missions and earn income.
  • Gain access to both free and discounted services that help you build and manage your pilot business;
  • Gain opportunities to expand your skills and increase your experience so you can expand your eligibility into new markets.
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Need to Jump-Start Your Career?

FlyGuys is proud to partner with Drone Pilot Ground School on pilot education and professional development. Drone Pilot Ground School is an online test prep course for commercial drone pilots looking to pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test for a Remote Pilot Certificate.

They’ve helped more than 45,000 students become certified drone pilots and boast more than 3,000 4 and 5-star reviews.

99%+ Success Rate

Over 99% of Drone Pilot Ground School’s students pass the FAA exam on their first attempt, even though most of them have no prior experience in aviation. If they can do it, so can you.

Money-Back (and Passing) Guarantee

If you don’t pass the FAA exam after taking their course, they’ll refund you AND will also cover your test center fee (normally $150). This rarely happens, but they have your back in case it does.

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Seeking Pilots for Your Next Project?

With our growing, international drone pilot network, we can connect you with the ideal pilot for your next project, whether you need aerial imaging for asset inspections or LiDAR scanning for highly detailed 3D mapping. Our massive network of licensed, insured pilots with a wide range of experience and skills means we can easily meet your project, budget, and deadline.

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