Client Case Study:

Competitive Golf Advantage

Competitive Golf Advantage, headquartered in Dover, DE, provides golf course analytics and informational pamphlets to college teams.

Services Provided: Aerial Imaging

Customer Problem

CGA required accurate topographical data on various popular golf courses. Traditionally, this data was collected via a surveying crew, which was more expensive, time consuming and unnecessarily precise for CGA’s needs. This elevation data is foundational to CGA’s business model, and they believed that improving efficiency in this area could reduce time and cost of deliverables.



FlyGuys Solution

FlyGuys coordinated with a course manager to collect aerial data at their convenience. CGA was delivered orthomosaic and point cloud data for 2D and 3D visualization respectively.



Customer Outcome

By utilizing FlyGuys’ services, CGA was able to deliver their analyses more quickly and at a lower production cost.

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