5 Reasons to Outsource Drone Services

From asset inspections to progress monitoring, drones offer a variety of functions that can increase safety, cut costs, and improve operational efficiency. Because they have so many uses, your company may be debating between whether to establish an internal drone program or work with an outside provider of drone services. If you’re not sure which option is right for your company, consider these five reasons to outsource drone services.

Minimize Your Upfront Costs

Setting up an internal drone program requires a great deal of both time and money. Consider what goes into setting up a new department:

  • Purchasing equipment
  • Licensing software and data storage
  • Hiring and training new employees

Now, consider that on top of this, you’ll have to factor in licensing and certification costs as well as insurance costs. Before you’ve gotten a drone off the ground, you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars.

Access to Top of the Line Equipment

A good drone service provider will have leading UAS equipment to get incredible results. However, they won’t just have the highest-end equipment, they will know the exact type of equipment that’s necessary to meet your needs. For example, using LiDAR to create highly precise data sets that can be turned into 3D maps requires different equipment and skills than taking aerial photography for a marketing flyer. At FlyGuys, we have different drones and sensors, so you get the best option to meet your goals, timelines, and budget.

Drone Services When You Need Them

Having a whole team dedicated to drone services may not always be necessary and sometimes, it may not be enough. Think about how often your company would need a drone – if you only rely on them a few times a year, is it worth keeping people on payroll and equipment on hand?

Conversely, you may have several large projects going on at the same time and not have the resources to fulfill them on time. If you outsource your drone services, you can have projects completed on your timeline, and you’re only paying for what you need.

Outsource Drone Services Across the Country

Similar to factoring in time, you also need to factor in location when it comes to having a team devoted to drone-based projects. If your company has projects nationally or even regionally, you may be sending your team out of town for days or weeks at a time in order to conduct drone missions or inspections. Paying for per-diems, lodging, and other travel expenses is another hit to your bottom line.

FlyGuys has a national network of licensed pilots, so no matter where your project is, a team is available to deploy where you need them to be.

Legal and Liability Compliance Issues with Drones

Using drones for industrial and commercial purposes is still a developing field, and because of this, the regulations and laws are continually changing and evolving. In addition to maintaining compliance and keeping up with regulations in your dedicated industry, you would also need to maintain compliance with local and state laws surrounding drones as well as the regulations put out by the FAA.

A dedicated and reputable drone service company will know exactly what kind of regulations, licensing, and certifications are necessary because that is their entire focus. They have a risk mitigation and legal team on hand to address any issues and stay ahead of any changes. Companies with in-house drone teams may not have the same resources.

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