Construction Progress Monitoring

Drones are great tools for construction project management techniques. They can unlock the many possibilities for image capture in engineering and construction applications or other situations where you need to monitor the progress of a large-scale project.

While capturing vast amounts of data and displaying the results in real-time formats, unmanned aerial systems offer project managers the benefit of on-the-spot analysis, which equates to faster and more informed decision making, more successful projects, and happier customers.

Gain a comprehensive view

With aerial photography, stakeholders get a comprehensive view of the jobsite from planning to completion, visually documenting and monitoring activities along the way.

Drone photography and video also provides a safe vehicle for site inspection, delivering real-time data from dangerous areas and helping contractors mitigate problems before they worsen. By using drone photography in construction projects, contractors and site managers have an affordable method for obtaining actionable information and visual collateral that leads to smarter business decisions throughout the construction process.

At a fraction of the cost

Drones enable increased insight into projects while enhancing productivity at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial methods. Gone are the days of having to hire costly, disruptive helicopters or planes to capture a top-down view of a project scope. Unmanned aerial systems provide a cutting edge, yet cost-effective way to monitor progress from start to finish.

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