Construction Progress Monitoring & Management

Drone Construction Progress Monitoring

From groundbreaking to opening day, monitoring the progress of your construction project is critical to keeping investors informed, spotting potential problems, and staying on time and within budget. For larger undertakings, such as sprawling infrastructure projects or multi-building complexes, drone construction progress monitoring is an efficient and cost-effective way to stay on top of your next project.

Using Drones for Construction Project Monitoring

Historically, most aerial views of construction sites were obtained through helicopter photography. This method has proven to be time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient, and as a result, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, is rapidly gaining popularity as a highly-effective alternative method of construction monitoring.

Drones controlled by an experienced pilot can be flown high above the job site, sending real-time information to the engineers and project managers on the ground. At the same time, UAVs collect high-resolution images that can then be used by licensed surveyors and mappers to create 3D models. Crucially, drones can fly close to the construction area, providing close-up shots of multiple areas around the jobsite.

Construction companies and developers have used drone construction progress monitoring for:

  • Regularly tracking development and progress.
  • Creating 360° views of the job site.
  • Conducting comprehensive safety inspections and quality assurance to ensure safety and compliance with building codes.
  • Turning data into 3D models to provide investors with a realistic look at the project.
  • Creating CAD overlays to ensure the project is aligning with design plans.
  • Keeping track of job site inventory.
  • Proactively identifying areas where structural integrity may be a concern.

Benefits of Drone Construction Progress Monitoring


Improve Stakeholder Communication

Aerial photography provides investors with a comprehensive view of the jobsite, from planning to completion.


Save Time

Our drone teams can scan up to 700 acres in a single day, providing teams with accurate information in a short timeframe.


Improve Safety

In addition to being a safer method of recording data, drone construction inspections promote safety on the job site by identifying critical safety issues and preventing jobsite injuries.


Regular Information and Data

Regular and frequent progress scans allow project managers to more accurately determine and update timelines as well as find areas of the project that are behind schedule. Project leaders will also have more opportunities to share up-to-date details with investors and developers, keeping them well-informed and confident in the project.


Reduce Cost

Drones can be launched at a fraction of the cost of using a helicopter or other aerial methods, keeping construction projects within budget and on-time.

Why Choose FlyGuys?

FlyGuys combines a national network of fully-insured, FAA-certified drone pilots with cutting-edge technology to capture the dataset you need to best meet your goals, from high-resolution imagery to 3D point models of your project. With competitive pricing and rapid turnaround, you can feel confident that you’re partnering with the leader in drone construction progress monitoring.