Satellite Images for Commercial Use

High-resolution satellite images and remote sensing data can be used in a wide range of commercial uses, including regional planning, elevation mapping, and mining. When you need satellite imagery to better plan your next project, FlyGuys can source high quality data at affordable rates.

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Commercial Uses for Satellite Images and Remote Sensing Data

Government agencies have been using satellite images for remote sensing to detect and observe areas of the earth for decades. Often used for military purposes, meteorology and weather forecasting, and mapping wildlife and protected areas, it’s possible to extract a wide variety of data from satellite images, which is why more private companies are now sourcing satellite imagery for commercial use.

Uses for Satellite Imagery and Remote Sensing Data

The images taken from satellites offer a broad view of large areas of land and water creating a new perspective that can’t be gained from the ground or at low altitudes. Remote sensing data is the information extracted from these images, making it possible to detect and monitor beyond the physical and surface-level qualities by measuring reflections and emitted radiation.

Commercial uses for satellite images include:

  • Gauging the scope of an environmental disaster, such as an oil spill;
  • Natural disaster risk assessment and disaster planning;
  • Determining where bodies of water, protected areas, and other obstructions are located relative to a land development project.
  • Agricultural development and gathering information on land used for agricultural purposes, including data related to crop growth, livestock, and irrigation.
  • Locations of mineral deposits and the potential for mineral extraction;
  • Land restoration projects after mining and industrial projects have ended;
  • Gauging ocean data, including temperature, wave heights, and ice floes;
  • Monitoring large infrastructure construction projects over time.

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FlyGuys is dedicated to providing you with the high-quality satellite images you need at prices that meet your budget. With a broad range of drone services and network of suppliers, we can access optimized imagery that meets your exact needs, saving you time and minimizing your costs.

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