UAV LiDAR Services

UAV LiDAR services capture deeper insights than traditional surveying and mapping. LiDAR data can be used to create high-precision 3D models that measure density, volume, and elevation, delivering a new level of acuity that helps save money and drive more effective decisions. FlyGuys’ turnkey UAV LiDAR solutions will help you gain deeper insights for greater speed, precision and cost-efficiency.

UAV LiDAR - FlyGuys provides turnkey UAV LiDAR services for many industries, and can help deliver high-precision 3D maps

What are UAV LiDAR services?

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a method for examining the surface of the earth using a laser. The laser’s light reflects off the earth’s surface and measures the range, which is then combined with GPS and inertial measurement unit (IMU) data to create a group of elevation points called a “point cloud.” The point cloud is detail-rich, data-precise, and can be used to create high-precision 3D models.

The evolution of LiDAR and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has led to UAV LiDAR services, providing applications for aerial imaging data that was previously too expensive or too difficult to obtain for many applications. Using automated GPS, a LiDAR capable drone typically makes several passes over an area at low altitudes to collect data. This data is used for volume measurements, asset inspections, land and water management projects and much more.

UAV LiDAR - FlyGuys nationwide UAV LiDAR services will help you glean powerful insights for robust asset management

A LiDAR drone and base station being used for a high-precision 3D modeling mission.

Photo Credit: Russel White, HTS Advanced Solutions

Uses for UAV LiDAR technology

Many industries and projects can leverage UAV LiDAR technology.

Density Measurement. LiDAR-equipped drones can penetrate foliage and plant-life, capturing depth data that’s unattainable with traditional surveying and mapping – useful for industries such as Agriculture, Forestry, and Land Management.

Detailed Detection. UAV LiDAR technology can fly at low altitudes and penetrate vegetation, enabling precise detection of objects. Valuable for Archaeology, Forestry, Land Management, and Energy & Utilities.

Volumetrics. LiDAR drone technology can be used to measure the volume contained within an area. Good for mining and aggregates stockpiles, dredging, in landfills and industrial sites, or any location where volume measurement is vital.

UAV LiDAR - FlyGuys turnkey UAV LiDAR services create digital elevation models rendered from a collected point cloud

A digital elevation model rendered from a collected point cloud then uploaded into a GIS system. The model helps in planning for many different project types, including farming, land management, civil engineering and construction.

UAV LiDAR - a point cloud collected in one pass of a FlyGuys LiDAR drone

A point cloud collected in one pass of a LiDAR drone. This image shows all the surroundings/environment above ground before filtering into a ground layer.

Elevation Modeling. LiDAR data helps create high-precision 3D models that deliver robust information not possible with traditional surveying, like finding the low points on farmland for irrigation planning. Useful for many industries, including Land Management, Agriculture, Civil Engineering, and Construction.

Environmental & Coastal Restoration. UAV LIDAR technology captures critical data that helps protect and restore vulnerable coastlines by showing ongoing patterns of erosion, coastline shifts, and other changes needed for management and mitigation.

Right of Way Encroachment (ROW) & Utility Corridor Planning. With the ability to obtain highly-detailed elevation data, LiDAR helps with terrain mapping when planning utilities or construction projects. It can penetrate thick vegetation and help in ongoing ROW encroachment monitoring by exposing tree canopies hanging over transmission lines, allowing asset managers to quickly pinpoint and address critical service needs. Useful for the Energy & Utilities sector.

Cost-Savings. For many applications, UAV LiDAR methodology is more cost-effective than plane, helicopter, or land-based methods for capturing LiDAR data. For very large land areas, traditional piloted aircraft combined with LiDAR may be more economical. The data itself can also lead to cost-savings by streamlining projects and allowing obstacles to be mitigated before they consume resources. Get a quote from FlyGuys to figure out the right LiDAR solution for your project.

Why deploy FlyGuys UAV LiDAR Services?

We offer turnkey UAV LiDAR solutions that take care of the project management, drone operations, GPS control points, and data processing. At the end of the LiDAR project, we present you with raw data and models formatted to your GIS (geographical information system) or other platform.

FlyGuys maintains partnerships with LiDAR data processing and surveying firms. These partnerships help produce the most accurate data and models for our clients.

Our pilots are highly experienced in UAV LiDAR projects and have flown a variety of missions. They are FAA certified and fully insured, and will work with you to capture the information your project mandates.

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