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When you are in need of LiDAR data to be collected contact FlyGuys. We provide comprehensive remote sensing services to clients nationwide. With our geospatial experts and vast network of professional pilots, we are ready to deploy when and where you need us.

UAV LiDAR - FlyGuys provides turnkey UAV LiDAR services for many industries, and can help deliver high-precision 3D maps

Understanding LiDAR

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) is a remote sensing method of examining the surface of the earth. By operating drones equipped with LiDAR sensors, it measures the light’s reflection and range from the earth’s surface across millions of beams. That data is electronically compiled with GPS and inertial measurement unit (IMU) data to create a digital file of the data collected, a point cloud.

UAV LiDAR - FlyGuys nationwide UAV LiDAR services will help you glean powerful insights for robust asset management

Photo Credit: Russel White, HTS Advanced Solutions

Applications for LiDAR

What is LiDAR used for? Many different fields and professionals use LiDAR for a variety of applications, below is a list of some of these:

  • Agriculture
  • Archaeology
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Biology and Conservation
  • Geology and Soil Science
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Solar
  • Professional Surveyors
  • Forestry Management
  • Oil and Gas
  • Professional Engineers
  • Land Development
  • Building Modeling
  • Railway Inspection
UAV LiDAR - FlyGuys turnkey UAV LiDAR services create digital elevation models rendered from a collected point cloud

A digital elevation model rendered from a collected point cloud then uploaded into a GIS system. The model helps in planning for many different project types, including farming, land management, civil engineering and construction.

UAV LiDAR - a point cloud collected in one pass of a FlyGuys LiDAR drone

A point cloud collected in one pass of a LiDAR drone. This image shows all the surroundings/environment above ground before filtering into a ground layer.

Uses for LiDAR include:

  • Density Measurement. LiDAR-equipped drones can reach the ground surface through small openings in the canopy, foliage and plant-life, capturing depth data that’s hard to collect by traditional methods – useful for industries such as Agriculture, Forestry, Surveying, and Land Management/ Development.
  • Detailed Detection. LiDAR equipped drones can fly at low altitudes and reach ground through heavy vegetation, enabling precise collection of data. Valuable for Archaeology, Forestry, Land Development, and Energy & Utilities.
  • Volumetrics. LiDAR drone technology can be used to collect data taht will enable licensed professionals to measure the volume contained within an area. Good for mining and aggregates stockpiles, dredging, in landfills and industrial sites, or any location where volume measurement is vital.
  • Elevation Modeling. LiDAR data can be used by licensed professionals to create high-precision 3D models that deliver robust information not possible with traditional means, like finding the low points on farmland for irrigation planning. Useful for many industries, including Land Management, Agriculture, Civil Engineering, and Construction.
  • Environmental & Coastal Restoration. LIDAR technology captures critical data that helps licensed professionals protect and restore vulnerable coastlines and by flying an area multiple times ongoing patterns of erosion, coastline shifts, and other changes can be detected over time and managed accordingly.
  • Right of Way Encroachment (ROW) & Utility Corridor Planning. With the ability to obtain highly-detailed elevation data, LiDAR helps licensed professionals with terrain mapping when planning utilities or construction projects. It can help those professionals in ongoing ROW encroachment monitoring by exposing tree canopies hanging over transmission lines, allowing asset managers to quickly pinpoint and address critical service needs.

Working with FlyGuys

LiDAR systems vary greatly, some systems are more accurate than others.

Our LiDAR Sensors

Our LiDAR equipped drones can scan between 400 and 700 acres per day, per team, and we can tackle any size project. We currently offer data collection through two types of sensors.

Mini VUX Riegl Sensor

This system’s specifications include relative accuracy of up to 15 millimeters and precision of 10 millimeters, 200 kHz pulse repetition rate and a scan speed of up to 100,000 scans per second. This option is ideal when licensed professionals need high accuracy and high precision data collected.

Green Valley LiAir V70

This flexible scanner’s specifications include relative accuracy of 10 centimeters and 240,000 points per second for first return. This lower cost option may be selected when licensed professionals don’t need the same degree of data collection precision and accuracy.

Our Nationwide Pilot Network

We have a nationwide network of licensed, insured pilots available to help capture all types of data including LiDAR. Each pilot utilized by FlyGuys has their FAA Part 107 Certification.

Discussing Your Project

When we sit down with you to discuss your project, to get the best results, it’s important we understand your needs.

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Although FlyGuys is not a licensed professional for engineering or surveying purposes, FlyGuys has acquired particular experience in working with licensed engineering and surveying professionals to provide our LiDAR Data Collection services.