Client Case Study:


Graycor is a construction company headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, IL and has approximately 1600 employees.

Customer Problem

Graycor needed consistent, frequently updated aerial data of construction sites to monitor progress. Historically, monitoring their active jobs at the required level of detail involved travel, man hours, and strict documentation from boots-on-the-ground employees. Graycor was exploring ways to make this important reporting less costly and time-consuming.



FlyGuys Solution

Our pilots visited Graycor’s sites twice a week to gather aerial imaging data which was then processed into a orthomosaics. The orthomosaic data was delivered via the DroneDeploy platform, allowing the client to visualize site changes over time and easily compare flight data.



Customer Outcome

FlyGuys’ progress monitoring became an efficient solution for Graycor as the client requested several regular flights over a one-year period. Orthomosaics provided a complete overview of the site as opposed to compiled reports consisting of singular images and notes from multiple personnel.

Graycor 1
Graycor 2

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