Drone Services in Atlanta, GA

When you’re in need of drone services in Atlanta, choose FlyGuys. We offer comprehensive drone services and collect the following data sets; LiDAR, RGB, thermal, and multispectral. We have a team of experienced pilots and project managers to provide you with high-quality deliverables and cost-effective data solutions. Schedule a consultation with us today.

Drone Services Atlanta

Professional Drone Services in Atlanta

While drones are most commonly associated with aerial images and videos, their use and functionality is much broader. By connecting them with advanced sensors and cameras, our Atlanta drone pilots capture highly detailed images and datasets that can be transformed into point clouds, 3D maps, and 3D models.


LiDAR Services

We assist with LiDAR collection, LiDAR consultation, and LiDAR drone rentals. We use best in class equipment, including the Riegl MiniVux LiDAR sensor and can scan up to 500 acres per day.

Progress Monitoring

Progress monitoring is essential to determine if the project is staying within a necessary timeline, provide information to shareholders and investors, and identify areas of concern. Our pilots can provide you with both wide-scale aerial shots and up-close images to track progress as needed.

Drone Inspections

For inspections in unsafe or challenging conditions, such as at the top of a cell tower or within industrial equipment, drones provide an efficient, cost-effective solution. With comprehensive and detailed videos and images, your inspection team can determine any areas of concern without the time or risk involved in accessing the area in person.

Aerial Photography

Land development companies, real estate agents, golf courses, and tourist destinations are using drones to elevate their marketing materials. Our experienced pilots will provide you with high-resolution images and high-definition video.

Drone Surveying & Mapping

Using photogrammetry and remote sensing, our pilots can collect data you can then use to determine elevation, scale distance, and create three dimensional renderings that include a variety of surrounding buildings and infrastructure from your center point.

Satellite Imagery

When satellite images are needed to effectively plan your next project, we can provide you with the high-quality images you need while meeting your budget.

UAV Services for Multiple Industries

We provide drone services in Atlanta to a wide variety of industries and organizations.

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Our drone services can support your next construction project at every step, from planning through progress monitoring and inspections, to providing marketing images at the completion of the project.
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Drone image capturing and scanning allows you to monitor oil pumps and stations from multiple angles, inspect assets, such as transmission and distribution lines, and determine the best vantage points for setting up solar panels.
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We excel in drone services for industrial companies in the Atlanta area, including providing inspections and monitoring for petroleum refineries, manufacturing centers, and off-shore oil rigs.
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Aerial scanning and imaging is an efficient, effective way to collect vital data about your land. Whether you need to find the best sunlight for planting, assess storm damage, or determine the proper grazing areas for your livestock, we can help you achieve these goals.
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Real Estate

Aerial photography and walk-through videos allow you to show a property to its best advantage, both up-close and from a bird’s eye view. Highlight the neighborhood, provide a sense of scale, and make sure your properties stand out from the competition with high-resolution images and videos.

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Hospitality and Tourism

Attract more visitors to your golf course, generate interest to an attraction, or book more guests to your hotel with drone photography and video. Create an immersive virtual walk-through, map out nearby attractions and restaurants, or highlight the best features of your property with ease using our drone imaging.

Areas Around Atlanta We Serve

Our network of FAA-certified and insured drone pilots are located all around the Atlanta area and beyond, including:

Sandy Springs

Johns Creek