5 Benefits of Using Drones for Land Development Projects

Whether you are planning a residential housing development, infrastructure project, or an office park, land development requires an accurate map and in-depth knowledge of the land. In order to get these maps and surveys, developers are relying on drone technology, but what are the benefits of using drones for land development? We’re sharing 5 advantages so you can decide how to use it in your next project.

Drone Mapping is Faster than Ground-Based Methods

Land development projects are on a strict schedule, and anywhere you can save time without sacrificing quality is important. Because land development requires topographic maps, boundary outlines, construction surveys, and land assessment, ground-based surveying and mapping requires a team of people to get these tasks done, all of which takes time. Using a drone, you can capture the information all at once in a few scans of the area, and once you have the data, the surveys and maps you need can easily be created in a rapid turnaround time.

Using a Drone is Cost Effective

Not only are you on a tight schedule, your project is on a budget, and drones are a significantly less expensive method of surveying and mapping. By contracting with a third party drone piloting company, such as FlyGuys, you save on equipment and labor costs while getting the high-quality datasets you need in a short turnaround time.

Improve and Ensure Safety Before Development

Construction and development doesn’t always take place on safe, even ground. In fact, highways, housing developments, and industrial parks are often built on terrain that is dangerous before it’s cleared and drained. Swamps, rock formations, thick brush, forest, and the dangers that come with them can turn a surveying project into a danger. Fortunately, using drones for land development means you can get the data you need without setting a foot on the undeveloped land.

Progress Monitoring

Once the land is cleared, excavation and construction can begin, and this is not the time to lose sight of your project. Drones can be a powerful resource in construction project management, as they capture the data you and your project managers need to analyze the details both on a micro and macro level in real time. Aerial drone data improves site inspection and helps you spot issues before they turn into expensive, dangerous problems.

Get Completed Images for Marketing and Selling

When your land development project is ready, drone photography and  high-resolution imaging can show potential buyers and investors an incredible amount of detail that ground imaging can’t. This includes what the neighborhood and surrounding area looks like, proximity to amenities and popular locations, and providing comprehensive aerial views.

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