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Drone Photography for Hospitality & Tourism

FlyGuys’ licensed and insured drone pilots capture high resolution images and 4k videos to provide aerial photography for hotels, casinos, resorts, and tourist destinations across the map.

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Tourism and Hospitality Drone Photography

The tourism and hospitality industries continue to look for new ways to improve customer experience and increase the efficiency of operations. Utilizing drones for immersive and innovative marketing tactics can help attract more guests to properties and destinations.

Unlike ground-level images, drone photography captures the expansive beauty and surrounding amenities of a location and can create breathtaking marketing that immerses viewers and sparks their imaginations. Additionally, drones can be leveraged by properties and destinations for maintenance, inspection, and event security.

Drone Marketing


Hotels, casinos, spas, and resorts can leverage drones to capture visuals of their property from aerial angles and tell the full story. Drone marketing can be used for an array of collateral like websites, brochures, and presentations.


Drones provide affordable and beautiful destination videos without compromising quality. FlyGuys’ pilots are experienced in capturing stunning footage to create dazzling destination videos.

FlyGuys pilots are licensed, seasoned, and familiar with the rules and regulations that impact drone usage near hospitality locales.

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Property Mapping & Inspections

In addition to our drone photography services, many hospitality companies have benefited from our property mapping services. Using high-end LiDAR and photogrammetry sensors, we are able to collect valuable data of your properties and assets for up-to-date 2D and 3D maps of a property that can be used on a website or shared easily with clients.

Drones can also assist with comprehensive asset and property maintenance and management and take scheduled footage of a property for grounds inspection, equipment inspection, and maintenance prioritization. For example, theme parks and tourist attractions can leverage drones for regular site inspections that streamline maintenance and ensure every area – even previously inaccessible areas – get checked.

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