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Insured and FAA Certified pilots equipped for nationwide deployment.


FlyGuys is a full-scale nationwide drone services company

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FlyGuys offers drone services across the United States, our coverage map includes the entire lower 48 and areas within Hawaii and Alaska. Whether your project is in a major metropolitan city, a mid-sized town, or in a rural area far away from civilization, our pilots are ready to deploy to any location.

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Dramatically improve efficiency across multiple industries

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FlyGuys is a nationwide drone services company that acquires aerial imaging data so you can make more informed, accurate decisions. Our aim is to make aerial data more accessible and affordable, so you can overcome challenges efficiently and safely.

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Drone Service and Technology Partners

Drone services for simple
to sophisticated applications

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Drawing on extensive experience across a variety of industries and employing the latest technology, FlyGuys is equipped to handle projects of any size. Whether your needs are straightforward or complex, our team can provide proven drone service solutions to help you reach your goals.



Many licensed surveyors and engineering firms across the US are turning to FlyGuys to help with their LiDAR drone services needs. Our expert services and best in class sensors can save you a significant amount of both time and money.


Progress Monitoring

Get the aerial vantage points on your assets and projects. Visual or thermal imaging, video or still images of hard to reach locations, expertly packaged and provided in immediately usable formats.

Aerial Imaging

Get the aerial vantage points on your assets and projects. Visual or thermal imaging and video or still images of hard to reach locations, expertly packaged provided in immediately usable formats.

Marketing & Media

Produce professional, broadcast-quality videos with or without drone footage. Infuse music, text, and animation to make a stunning and memorable video that delivers your core message.


Asset Inspection Services

Send a drone to places hazardous to human inspectors such as pitched roofs, industrial stacks, cell towers, wind turbines, hazardous waste sites, or emergency situations.

LiDAR Services

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LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing method that can detect objects in real space with high precision and accuracy. UAV LiDAR involves a drone flying over a set area while a sensor sends out laser pulses onto a surface at a rate of 100k – 3 million pulses per second, measuring the time it takes for the signal to return.

LiDAR Data is electronically compiled with GPS data and inertial measurement unit (IMU) data to create a digital representation of the scanned area in a point file format, which professional surveyors can then use to build high-quality deliverables.

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