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Do you need high-quality aerial data for your projects? From coast to coast, above and beyond, FlyGuys has you covered.

We are a trusted nationwide provider offering top-notch drone solutions to help you capture valuable aerial insights. Whether you’re a business owner, a surveyor, or an industry professional, our comprehensive services and expertise will revolutionize how you gather data and monitor your projects.

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Why Partner with FlyGuys?


Scalable Solutions for Any Job

FlyGuys understands your business is diverse and ever-evolving, so we offer scalable solutions adapting to your needs. From one job to hundreds of projects, our experienced team and innovative drone technology handle the workload efficiently and effectively, helping you meet your clients’ demands without compromise.


Nationwide Reach, Unlimited Possibilities

With FlyGuys as your partner, there are no boundaries. Our nationwide services allow us to be wherever your projects lead. With expertise and resources in any US location, we will deliver exceptional aerial data collection services for you and your clients, no matter where you’re based.


Affordable Partnership, Lucrative Opportunities

Partner with FlyGuys and open new revenue streams. Our affordable pricing lets you expand services and offer competitive rates to your clients. Leverage our expertise and equipment to expand services, boost profitability, and gain a competitive edge in the market.


Consistency in Data Collection

Consistency is key in aerial data. Our strict quality standards ensure every project meets expectations. With our state-of-the-art drone technology and certified pilots, we consistently capture accurate and reliable data. Trust us for consistent data across projects, empowering confident and informed decision-making.

Meet FlyGuys’ Partners

See how our nationwide reach has helped our partners find scalable solutions that have opened endless opportunities.

Partner with FlyGuys Today

Are you ready to elevate your aerial data collection to new heights? Partner with us to offer your clients unparalleled services and access to the most advanced drone technology. With our ability to collect data anywhere in the US, we’ll transform how you gather data and deliver exceptional results.


Veneer Quotation Mark

FlyGuys offered wonderful data and service at a great value point. Easy navigation of their online platform, quick coordination about needs and offerings, and professional collection and sharing of products made for a fantastic resource in developing our projects.

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John Handley
Diode Ventures

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FlyGuys performed an aerial LiDAR collection that was used to create a topographical map for our client. Their team helped us achieve a fast, accurate result over a large and densely vegetated area.

Jeff Collins Bma
Jeff Collins
BMA Engineers

Veneer Quotation Mark

We needed a quick turnaround on a substantial LiDAR project. FlyGuys responded and arranged the service quickly. The work was performed professionally and we received high-quality assets. We will be working with FlyGuys for the foreseeable future.

William Hayes Edit
William Hayes
Hayes Surveyors
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Seamless Scalability, Nationwide Reliability: Partner with Us Today

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your data collection process. Contact us now to explore how FlyGuys can be your trusted partner in aerial data services. Let us help you soar above the competition and unlock the true potential of your projects.

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Please note that we are currently unable to assist in the search for missing pets. This limitation is due to the specific challenges and regulations associated with using drones for such purposes.