Drone Photography and Videography for Marketing

Take your marketing and promotional information to new heights with high quality drone photography and videography from FlyGuys. Our FAA-certified, insured UAV pilots can capture high-definition video, 360° panoramic photos, and more to create majestic, alluring, and captivating marketing and media campaigns that allow your properties to stand out from the competition anywhere in the nation.

Drone Marketing Services

Drone Photography for Marketing and Media

Drones are transforming how the vacation industry, real estate agents, and property developers are showing off their properties. With aerial photography that shows a wide variety of angles and views as well as videography that can be used to create highly detailed virtual tours, we can help you create immersive media that will elevate and transform how you market your property.

Whether you want to attract new members to your country club, draw visitors to your resort, or bring investors to your commercial property, drone photography and video transports the viewer to your property, providing both an up-close, highly detailed experience as well as broad views that show the scope and depth of the property.

Benefits of Drone Photography for Marketing and Media

  • Include highlights of the area around the property, such as nearby attractions or beautiful scenery;
    Provide never-before-seen viewpoints of your property;
  • Immersive video and virtual tours give the viewer an intimate look at the property;
  • Update your property website with new, high-definition images, panoramic photos, and videos;
  • Create high-quality printed materials and brochures with stunning photographs of your property.

Drone Photography and Videography Services

While marketing and media are popular uses for drone photography, they’re far from the only use for this innovative medium. Our high-definition photos and videos can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

  • Assessing storm damage to land and property;
  • Determine the need for roof repairs and building restoration and maintenance;
  • Monitor progress of construction and building sites at a bird’s eye view;
  • Inspect landscaping, parking lots, equipment, and other assets to evaluate condition.
Drone Marketing & Media Production
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Industries We Serve

We provide comprehensive aerial photography and videography services to numerous industries, and our image capturing services go far beyond marketing and media.

Real Estate and Property Management

Drone photography for real estate agents and property management companies is becoming a widely used resource for those wishing to improve how they market their property. Sell or rent homes and properties more quickly with high-resolution images that show off the surroundings, highlight amenities, and set your property to its best advantage.


Our drone pilots can capture images and video used to gather data, track progress, and create impressive time-lapse videos that show the beginning of the project to the completion. Our site monitoring also allows you to keep your stakeholders and investors up to date and informed on progress.

Hotel and Hospitality

Attract more guests to your hotel, resort, or vacation spot with beautiful aerial images and videos that show off the beauty of the location, spotlight the amenities, and captivate the viewer into booking their spot.

Government Agencies and Municipalities

With our drone inspections, you can determine the condition of roads, bridges, and infrastructure quickly and begin planning repairs before they become serious.

Insurance and Claims Adjusters

Safely inspect roofs and other hard-to-reach areas with aerial images that allow you to get up-close views of storm damage, fire damage, and other property damage.

Choosing FlyGuys for Drone Photography and Videography

FlyGuys is a national company with a large network of FAA-certified, insured pilots as well as a team of experienced project managers on hand to provide you with the materials you need from single projects to ongoing photography needs. With rapid turnaround times, competitive prices, and high-quality deliverables, you can feel confident when you rely on FlyGuys for drone photography and videography services.

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