Past Present & Future of Drones

By: Adam Zayor, Fly Guys CEO

Like most technological advances, drones got their start in the military. At first, they were primarily used as explosive balloons, then later, as dedicated reconnaissance vehicles during the Vietnam war. Eventually, drones made their way into commercial markets, changing the way they are used, deployed, and monetized. Today, the drone service industry is growing at a rate of 60% per year and is predicted to reach $50 billion by the year 2027.

So why did the drone services industry grow so rapidly?

When drones first hit the market, it was required to receive a 333 exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly commercially. This capped the labor market to about 5,000 companies nationwide.

When the FAA loosened flying regulations and released the 107 certifications process, the number of drone pilots skyrocketed, allowing more individuals to enter the market. Additionally, innovations in technology, pricing, and software made the job more convenient. Today, drone services are popular among a variety of industries, especially the energy and utility, construction, and agriculture industries.

Drones Moving Forward

One big idea that will become prevalent in the future within multiple industries is the use of a digital twin. A digital twin is a high accuracy, a high-resolution digital copy of an asset that exists in real life. The purpose of this is to document the condition of company assets, then compare it with future evaluations to assess life expectancy, maintenance cost, and future development.

As a result, this will lead to a variety new jobs, opportunities, and continued growth. While the need for drone pilots, project managers, programmers, and data analysts will increase, the industry will also need entrepreneurs who bring innovation. The main driver in this industry will be people who are able to identify problems and try to solve them by creating new businesses using drone technology.

FlyGuys, is a nationwide drone services company that provides customized aerial imaging and data solutions. Here, our goal is to make aerial data more accessible and affordable, helping our clients not only overcome challenges efficiently and safely, but also providing them with the opportunity to make more informed and accurate decisions

Do you have a drone project we can help with?

Please note that we are currently unable to assist in the search for missing pets. This limitation is due to the specific challenges and regulations associated with using drones for such purposes.