Louisiana Drone Services

For aerial photography, LiDAR, and other drone services in Louisiana, depend on FlyGuys for your data collection needs. Based right here in Louisiana, we have all the resources to cover your needs. Our team of experienced project managers and consultants, along with our nationwide reach allows us to provide our clients the high quality deliverables they need with fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. Schedule a consultation today to learn how we can help you meet your goals!

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Professional Drone Services in Louisiana


LiDAR Services

We can scan up to 500 acres per day using innovative sensors, including the Riegl MiniVux LiDAR sensor to capture the data you need. LiDAR consultation services and drone rentals are also available.

Progress Monitoring

By following the same flight plan over regular intervals our drone pilots gather data that allows you to quickly and easily monitor and track progress at your construction job site.

Drone Inspections

We provide in-depth videos and images that allow your inspection team to properly analyze assets and job sites. Drone inspections save time, reduce costs, and improve safety while ensuring proper compliance.

Aerial Photography

With high resolution aerial photography and video, you can stand out from the competition and market your property, golf course, or attraction more effectively.

Drone Surveying & Mapping

Using photogrammetry, rapid image capturing, and remote sensing, we can provide data sets that can be produced into 3D maps, models, and renderings to save you time and money.

Satellite Imagery

When satellite images are needed to effectively plan your next project, we can provide you with the high-quality images you need while meeting your budget.

Industries Relying on UAV Services

FlyGuys provides drone services to companies and organizations across a variety of industries across Louisiana.

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We can help you transform how inspections and progress monitoring are completed to keep your project on schedule and within budget.
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Our pilots can scan hundreds of acres per day, making site evaluations and inspections faster and more efficient, while reducing your costs.
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Our drone services are used to monitor and inspect off-shore oil rigs, refineries, and civil infrastructure to ensure productivity and compliance.
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Gain valuable data across hundreds of acres quickly and easily to manage irrigation, monitor crop growth, and improve your outputs year after year.
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Real Estate

Show off your properties to their best advantage and create engaging virtual tours that will lead to more prospects and faster property sales.
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With our gorgeous high-resolution aerial photography and video, you can create eye-catching marketing pieces that will entice guests to book with you.

Areas in Louisiana We Serve

We are ready to deploy across Louisiana, allowing us to offer drone services in the following areas:

Baton Rouge

Lake Charles

New Orleans

Why Choose FlyGuys

  • National drone service provider based in Louisiana
  • Dedicated project managers providing you with the high-quality deliverables you need
  • Rapid turnaround times from data collection to delivery
  • Competitive pricing and quality guaranteed
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