How Drone Data Can Help Your Surveying Business

The emergence of drone use in private business has led to shifts in how real estate agents present homes for sale, construction companies track progress, and solar farms optimize panel location. However, we believe the biggest impact is on the surveying and mapping industry. To determine if you should incorporate UAVs, we want to provide a closer look at how drone data can help your surveying business.

Save Time on Data Collection

In order to better serve your clients and take on more projects, you know time is of the essence. While traditional surveying can be more time consuming, particularly when you’re working on large plots of land, drones can scan and collect data in a fraction of the time without sacrificing the accuracy necessary to do the job right. Many surveyors are already taking advantage of the benefits of drones and integrating it with their traditional survey methods. At FlyGuys, our teams can scan up to 700 acres a day, making quick work of even large-scale projects.

Improve Safety While Collecting Data

When you are tasked with surveying undeveloped land or land that’s been used for industrial purposes, you may be facing adverse conditions. Overgrowth, challenging terrain, and bodies of water may make traditional surveying unsafe, but by relying on drones, you can obtain the data you need without putting yourself or your team in harm’s way.

Expand Your Service Area

Because drones allow you to gather data significantly faster than traditional methods as well as access challenging areas, you’re able to expand your service area. You can offer services in surrounding locations where you don’t have competition, or you can also expand into industrial areas to connect with a different clientele. By increasing your service area, you’re more likely to connect with more clients and improve the visibility and reputation of your business.

Offer More Services

If your surveying business primarily relies upon settling property disputes, creating site plans, and drawing boundary surveys, and you’d like to begin offering more services or more specialized services, drone data makes this possible to increase your client base. Using data gathered through LiDAR and photogrammetry you can provide topographic surveys, plot plans for construction sites, and elevation information to determine flood hazards. By offering more services, particularly more specialized services, you can work with agricultural companies, construction companies, and the energy sector, all of whom rely on experienced surveyors.

Increase Revenue and Profits

Of course, by taking on more clients, expanding your service area, and offering more specialized service, drone data helps your surveying business by increasing your revenue as well as your profits. Drones make it possible to scale your business, whether you choose to partner with a drone company to capture the data you need or keep your drone piloting in-house.

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