FlyGuys Announces Partnership with TrueLook

FlyGuys and TrueLook Announce Partnership that will Revolutionize Jobsite Visibility in the Construction Industry.

Lafayette, LA: FlyGuys today announced a new partnership with TrueLook that will revolutionize the construction industry by providing hassle-free jobsite visibility from a new angle. FlyGuys and TrueLook’s partnership will combine FlyGuys’ network of highly skilled drone pilots with TrueLook’s innovative solutions. The resulting offering will include aerial photography and videography for project documentation and progress tracking to meet the specific needs of those in the construction industry.

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“With our nationwide network of drone pilots and TrueLook’s innovative technology, we can provide construction teams with the tools they need to better manage their job sites, improve safety, and reduce costs,” says Jessica Slaughter, National Account Manager of FlyGuys. “We are excited to provide the construction industry with a powerful total jobsite visibility solution at a cost-effective rate.”

“TrueLook is an established leader in project documentation and monitoring,” says TrueLook COO, Roger Yarrow. “Our advanced camera systems can be deployed all throughout customer job sites, but are mostly limited to the ground. Now, by partnering with FlyGuys, we are focused on expanding into another dimension — the sky. This partnership gives our customers eyes in, around, and above their project sites, offering unmatched visibility and control, which translates into increased efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. This exciting collaboration aligns with our mission of total jobsite visibility.”

Construction companies nationwide will reap the benefits of this new partnership, including:

  • Aerial photography and videography
  • Site surveying
  • Real-time progress monitoring

FlyGuys is a nationwide drone services provider that provides accurate data collection and deliverables to clients in various industries. TrueLook provides turnkey cameras with features designed to meet the needs of those in the construction industry like live viewing, unlimited custom time-lapses, and Intelligent Security.

About FlyGuys: FlyGuys is a leading nationwide network of experienced drone pilots offering various services, including aerial photography, videography, site surveying, and 3D mapping to clients in diverse industries. The company is focused on providing exceptional service and innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients.

About TrueLook: TrueLook is a pioneering technology company revolutionizing how construction projects are monitored and managed. Their turnkey camera systems and intuitive platform, provide a comprehensive jobsite visibility solution that empowers construction professionals to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and enhance collaboration. Their cutting-edge features, including live streaming, time-lapse creation, and Intelligent Security, offer unparalleled transparency and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle. Experience total jobsite visibility with TrueLook.


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