Drones Improving the Safety of Industrial Inspections

How Drones Enhance Safety in Construction & Other Industrial Fields

It’s certainly no surprise, but using a drone for industrial inspections or construction will improve the safety of your workers while also providing you with accurate aerial imaging data that gives you the in-depth analysis you need to notice issues, document your checklists, and plan strategy. Not to mention, it’s often much faster for drones to complete inspections than for people to do so. We at FlyGuys want to share some great reasons that your company should consider mitigating risk for your large scale industrial and construction purposes.

Drones Make it Safer for Your People

Inspections on large sites offer a wide range of hazards for any worker. Some facilities may harbor toxic emissions or chemicals or even dangerous moving machinery parts. Not to mention the sites that have equipment with high-voltages. On top of that, inspections often involve climbing and scaling tall and challenging structures, making the risk for falls a big factor.

For example, among construction workers, falls are the most common cause of death. And even on the ground level, fast and closeby traffic is a serious hazard posed to workers on highway and bridge construction. No matter the industrial or construction field, it’s becoming increasingly popular to rely on accurate and professional drone services to help minimize chances of risk to employees.

Here are some examples of where drones can be used for inspection:

  • Bridges
  • Power lines
  • Damage assessments after disasters
  • Gas and oil pipelines
  • Transmission lines
  • Roads
  • Railways
  • Natural gas storage facilities and storage tanks
  • Electrical facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Municipal water systems
  • And more

Drones in Construction

Drones in construction are particularly useful, offering benefits at all phases. They can assist in beginning planning stages, inspection, monitoring progress during the build by keeping account of workers, materials, progress, and equipment and are great for documenting post-build quality checks.

They’re particularly helpful in safety inspections as they can monitor precautions and find possible problem areas in sites by accessing spaces that may be unstable or that are hard to reach. This is a highly effective and cost-efficient method to help in preventing injuries and deaths.

Although safety is first and foremost, it’s important to note that a trained pilot with a drone inspecting your site can save a substantial amount of time. Just think of how time consuming it is for management team members to walk and visually inspect large sites regularly.

Why Trusting a Qualified Drone Expert is So Important

Always rely on a licensed and insured drone pilot for your inspections. Failure to operate a drone correctly can result in injury to your workers or property damage. Drones used for commercial purposes must also adhere to Federal Aviation Administration rules. At FlyGuys, our nationwide network of drone pilots are FAA certified and are licensed and insured. Their experience in industrial inspections makes them an effective and reliable choice for accurate site imaging and mapping.

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