Texas Drone Services

Providing Aerial Imaging Across the State of Texas

We offer comprehensive drone services in Texas, from aerial photography, LiDAR services, drone inspections, and more. With experienced project managers and FAA certified pilots across the nation, we can work on any scale project and offer high-quality deliverables. Please contact us now for a consultation.

Texas Drone Services

Our Drone Services in Texas


LiDAR Services

LiDAR data collection, consultation, and drone rentals. We use high-end equipment, including the Riegl MiniVux LiDAR sensor and can scan up to 500 acres per day.

Progress Monitoring

Our experienced drone pilots can follow the same flight plan over regular intervals, providing you with the ability to monitor and track progress on a job site.

Drone Inspections

We provide detailed videos and images of your assets with drone inspections. Increase safety, compliance, and save money without sacrificing attention to detail.

Aerial Photography

With aerial photography realtors, property development groups, golf courses, and vacation spots are transforming how they market their properties.

Drone Surveying & Mapping

We assist licensed surveyors and mappers with drone data collection. Combining this data with traditional data collection methods saves money and time.

Satellite Imagery

When you need satellite imagery to better plan your next project, FlyGuys can providing you with the high-quality satellite images you need at prices that meet your budget.

Drone Services for Multiple Industries

We provide drone services to a wide variety of industries across Texas, including:

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We can support you through every step of your next construction project, from planning through progress monitoring, all the way to capturing high-resolution images when the work is complete.
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Our drone services provide oil, wind, and solar companies in Texas safe and affordable solutions for inspections and asset planning. Improve efficiency, accuracy, and safety with our data capturing services.
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Inspect and monitor your assets from the sky. We work with industrial sites, refineries, transmission lines, wind turbines, offshore rigs, manufacturing facilities, sea and airports, civil infrastructure, and many more industries!

Areas in Texas We Serve

Our network of FAA-certified drone pilots are located across Texas and are ready to deploy for your next project.

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