Florida Drone Services

Aerial Photos

Get stunning aerial shots from any angle for marketing material to thermal imaging. Our drones can capture images for video or still photos from hard-to-reach locations.

Aerial footage of a golf course in Orlando, FL.

Marketing & Media

Create a professional, broadcast-quality video. Infuse music, text, and animation to produce amazing marketing videos to deliver your core message and raise brand awareness.

Drone Inspections

Send a drone to hazardous inspection sites such as cell towers, pitched roofs, bridges, and hard-to-reach locations. Decrease safety risks for your employees by launching drones.

Drone inspection of a roof near Miami, FL
Cape Coral, FL progress monitoring with a drone

Progress Monitoring

Get aerial vantage points on your assets and projects. Monitor the progress of your construction site from your office.


Licensed surveyors and engineering firms can use our state-of-the-art LiDAR drone services to save money and time on projects.

Drone LiDAR inspection
La Landing Page Map

Nationwide Drone Service Serving the State of Florida

FlyGuys provides drone services and LiDAR services to major cities and surrounding areas in Florida. We can handle projects of any size across various industries and employ the latest technology.

Our experienced drone pilots are on hand to provide proven drone service solutions to meet your needs. FlyGuys can capture aerial photos of properties, construction sites, and events in your area.

Bring Your Project to New Heights in Three Easy Steps

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Receive Your Data

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Flying For the State of Florida



Drone service solutions for Jacksonville and surrounding areas, including Gainesville, St. Augustine and Atlantic Beach.


Drone service solutions for the Miami area, including Coral Gables, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and The Keys.


Drone service solutions for Tampa, including Sarasota, Clearwater and St. Petersburg.


Drone service solutions for Orlando, including Kissimmee, Deltona and Winter Park.

Scale Your Business With Data From Above

See how our drone services can take your projects to new heights.

Drawing on extensive experience across various industries and employing the latest technology, FlyGuys is equipped to handle projects of any size.

Construction Page Hero Image


Capture aerial photos to manage all stages of the construction progress while meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and providing accurate information to stakeholders along the way.

Energy Page Hero Image


Get solar inspections with 3D modeling, LiDAR, and industrial photogrammetry. Decrease safety risks in wind turbine and cell tower inspections.

Industrial Page Hero Image


Capture aerial photos to manage all stages of the construction progress while meeting deadlines, staying within budget, and providing accurate information to stakeholders along the way.

Agriculture Hero Image


Gain valuable data across hundreds of acres quickly and easily to manage irrigation, monitor crop growth, and improve your outputs year after year.

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Real Estate

With drone photography, you will provide your clients with stunning imagery and receive more leads, faster sales, and future listings. Why wouldn’t you use drone imagery as part of your marketing package?

Hospitality And Tourism Page Hero Image


With our gorgeous high-resolution aerial photography and video, you can create eye-catching marketing pieces that will entice guests to book with you.