Drone Services for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Reduce costs and improve plant efficiencies with drone inspections, mapping, and photogrammetry services.

drones for wastewater treatment - FlyGuys provides services for wastewater treatment facilities across the United States

Efficient Site Inspections | Sample Collection | Mapping & Surveying | Upgrade & Expansion Planning | Reduced Energy Consumption

Drones for wastewater treatment facilities are providing robust insights that reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, and bolster the delivery of clean water.

Clean water is a fundamental necessity, and treatment facilities face daily challenges that inhibit its safe and healthy production. Energy consumption, costs of overhead, and infrastructure failures are just a few issues treatment facilities contend with to ensure clean water is accessible to their municipalities.

Drones offer a new opportunity for wastewater plants to streamline and protect the delivery of clean water. With drones, plant managers can collect previously unknown, in-depth data through aerial photos and videos. This drone information lends itself to efficient and inexpensive site inspections, the ability to leverage technologies like 3D mapping and photogrammetry, increased worker safety, and more.

Wastewater Treatment Management

Benefits of Drones for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Efficient and inexpensive site inspections that prioritize safety. Prior to the use of drones, inspections at treatment facilities required weeks to gather information, were high in labor costs, and sometimes put workers at risk. With drones, comprehensive site data can be collected within hours, helping plant managers take urgent action – like in the event of a gas leak – before devastation occurs. The comprehensive nature of aerial imaging allows managers to better spot infrastructure breakdowns, and drones can be dispatched to unsafe locations, like the interiors of collectors and pumping stations.
  • 3D Mapping and Photogrammetry for better insight and education. Aerial images can be used to produce highly detailed 3D maps and can be leveraged with photogrammetry technology for better site surveying. These technologies result in overall better management of the treatment facility and can be used in training for new technicians.
  • Streamlined planning and upgrades based on data-driven insights. The in-depth data obtained by drones helps site managers make better decisions as they pertain to prioritizing upgrades, troubleshooting, and expanding pipelines.
  • Reduce energy consumption. Energy costs are one of the main challenges wastewater treatment plants face. With drones, plant managers can gather visual information that helps spot opportunities for energy reduction, such as stanching areas losing water or fixing spots with storm water infiltration.
  • Safely and quickly collect water samples. FlyGuys pilots can dispatch their drones to collect water samples from far-flung and hard to reach areas, bringing back powerful data that would have taken weeks to obtain.

FlyGuys licensed drone pilots are versed in FAA regulations impacting water treatment facilities.

We will partner with you to gather the information you need to strengthen the success of your plant. Contact us to learn more or hire one of our pilots for your wastewater treatment project.

drones for wastewater treatment
drones for wastewater treatment - FlyGuys provides services for wastewater treatment facilities. Drones can see the inside of containers
drones for wastewater treatment - FlyGuys provides services for wastewater treatment facilities. Drones can see the inside of containers