Architecture and Engineering

Drone Services for Architecture and Engineering

Drone data is driving an ongoing transformation of the architecture and civil engineering industries, increasing productivity and improving site safety. FlyGuys leverages a nationwide network of FAA-licensed and insured pilots and experienced project managers working together to provide clients with high-quality deliverables for architectural and engineering needs.

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How UAVs Benefit Architecture & Engineering Projects


Advancing Site Safety

Worker safety is the highest priority of any project. Drones help ensure site safety by providing the data and images needed while allowing workers to stay on the ground. From area assessments to site inspections, FlyGuys collects comprehensive data without the danger of sending crews into hazardous areas.

Increasing Productivity

For projects on a tight schedule, any delay can be disastrous. Drones save time by rapidly scanning large areas to collect data for safety and maintenance without the need to shut down the entire site.

Minimizing Costs

By keeping workers safe and the project on schedule, drones keep operating costs down without sacrificing the quality and accuracy of data. Drone data also provides the insight necessary to make informed decisions in project planning and track progress accurately and efficiently.

Drone Services for Architecture & Engineering

FlyGuys provides comprehensive drone services for architecture and engineering projects.

Ground Quality Assessments

Using thermal and multispectral imaging, we provide clients with data necessary to analyze the soil and ground quality before beginning construction, as well as conduct environmental impact assessments.

Site Inspections

Once building gets underway, we can capture video and images that allow careful inspection of every aspect of the building site to ensure safety and code compliance without the danger of sending workers on manual inspections.

Project Monitoring and Oversight

Our pilots capture both broad, aerial images and up-close, highly detailed images to monitor progress on the jobsite. Our progress monitoring services allow projects to identify issues quickly, determine any delays, and share information with shareholders or government agencies.

Creating Digital Twins

Many assets such as highways, roads, dams, and bridges can benefit from having a digital twin (a real-time digital counterpart of a physical object). Our drones can capture the necessary datasets to help create digital twins, helping engineering firms and owners monitor their assets.

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Choose FlyGuys for Drone Services for Engineering & Architecture

FlyGuys has a vast national network of FAA-certified, insured pilots ready to deploy on quick notice. Our teams scan up to 700 acres a day and are equipped with best-in-class equipment, including Riegl MiniVux and Green Valley LiAir V70 LiDAR sensors.

Once the data is collected, our experienced project managers provide our partners with comprehensive, high-quality deliverables to help you meet their goals. With competitive pricing and fast turnaround times, FlyGuys is proud to be a leader in drone services.