Emergency Drone Disaster Relief

Drones for Emergency Services

FlyGuys provides aerial drone services for emergency response, rebuilding and recovery, and insurance assessments. Our drone pilots are located nationwide for quick dispatch.

Nationwide Emergency Drone Services

Aerial drone services can be tremendously beneficial during times of disaster. When lives are on the line and the environment is hostile, drones provide a quick and safe method for search and rescue teams to find survivors, assess danger, deliver supplies, and more.

Drones in emergency situations safely provide comprehensive visual data from hazardous areas, helping rescue crews respond proactively rather than reactively. Additionally, aerial data gathered by drones can be leveraged for pre-incident and post-disaster planning, helping recovery teams and insurance providers mitigate high-costs and tragedies before they happen. Drones are a cost-effective tool for rapidly gathering data-driven insights that keep people safe, no matter what environmental factors are at play.

Accelerate Search & Rescue with Infrared & Thermal Tracking

When disaster strikes, drones can be leveraged by search and rescue teams to save lives and mitigate destruction. With drones, search and rescue crews can utilize infrared and thermal tracking technologies to get a comprehensive aerial view to spot survivors through dense overgrowth, smoke, or inclement weather. Drones can be leveraged to transport water, food, and clothing to trapped survivors until help arrives.

Licensed FlyGuys drone pilots can be quickly dispatched quickly and are adept at working in hostile environments. Contact us at (888) 376-6965 to learn more about our aerial drone services for emergency situations.

Rebuilding & Recovery

Natural disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, and flooding, can create inhospitable environments for rescue crews. With a nationwide network of pilots, FlyGuys can quickly dispatch drones to gather data from these areas in place of manned teams. In the wake of extreme hurricanes like Ida, FlyGuys actively assists with disaster response and recovery missions. Drones can also help track and prevent wildfires (especially prevalent in California) using thermal sensors to detect high risk areas and hot spot areas.

Collecting drone data at disaster sites is one of the best ways to mitigate disasters in the future. Conducting pre-incident evaluations and collecting comprehensive insights lead to more robust action plans and recovery plans. Our drone services can assist with the following:


Comprehensive infrastructure assessments

Our drones can conduct a comprehensive damage assessment of infrastructure, transport systems, communication relays, and other critical systems necessary for communities hit by disaster. High-resolution photos aid in identifying and prioritizing efforts to reconstruct affected areas.

Reliable communications systems

Between disaster and rebuilding, FlyGuys’ lightweight tethered drones can act as interim communication platforms. By enabling cell phone and Wi-Fi use after disasters, people are better equipped to handle reconstruction, giving companies time to safely repair damaged communication systems.

Safe monitoring of energy sites

In the aftermath of disaster, there is often increased tension around energy plants and oil refineries. Drones can be leveraged to monitor these places for damage that needs to be addressed.

Insurance & Damage Assessments

Insurance agencies can make vital use of drones for risk assessment and cost reduction.


Streamlined, quick, and safe assessments

Drones can help adjusters perform assessments more quickly and with more robust data, all without setting foot in a hazard zone.

Pre-incident evaluations for rate setting

Insurance companies can use drones to analyze areas and determine if they are at greater risk of disaster, allowing them to create more informed guidelines for coverage.

Reconstruct traffic collisions

For complex, indeterminate, and potentially expensive traffic accidents, insurance companies can collect aerial data to help reconstruct the incident more accurately.
Licensed FlyGuys drone pilots can be dispatched quickly and are adept at working in urgent, hostile environments.

Contact us to request or learn more about our aerial drone services for emergency situations.

Drone Mapping for Disaster Response

The use of drones equipped with high-end sensors, like the Riegl MiniVux LiDAR sensor, and cameras, as well as satellite imagery can be used to map areas that have suffered damage from a natural disaster. 3D models can be built from drone data, which helps paint a clearer picture of the structural damage to buildings. Identifying unsafe buildings and assets is crucial in order to keep people safe and it also helps identify what needs to be prioritized.