Lafayette-Based Tech Startup Adds Former Waitr Executive to Team as Executive Chairman

Joe Stough, a 25-year enterprise software business entrepreneur and founder of Syntex Management Systems, Inc. (acquired by IHS, Inc.), has joined the FlyGuys team as Executive Chairman. Stough will serve as tech adviser and growth expert for the local startup. Since 2013, Stough has served as a board member, major investor, President and COO of Waitr, and since then, his focus has been on building the tech economy in Louisiana.

We are excited to have Stough’s technical experience and entrepreneurial skills to boost FlyGuy’s global impact through client relations and pilot networking. Stough’s expertise in the boardroom will contribute to the working dynamics of FlyGuys and help them reach a competitive advantage through industry benchmark analytics.

In 2018, Stough became President and COO of Waitr, helping to guide the team through its emergence as a public company. Stough provided oversight and vision for Waitr’s implementation of Operational Excellence practices, which are unique in its industry.

Stough not only brings his record of successfully stewarding technology businesses to FlyGuys but also shares his wealth of knowledge with other Louisiana-based companies. Stough currently serves as an Independent Director and Technology Committee member for both First Federal Bank of Louisiana and Ducks Unlimited. He advises the management team at First Federal Bank as they transform their services into digital platforms. At Ducks Unlimited, Stough advises the board on governance metrics as well as technology transformation.

“For a young entrepreneur, there is nothing more important than a good mentor,” says Adam Zayor, CEO of Flyguys. “Business CEOs face a multitude of problems that only experience can solve. Flyguys is extremely lucky to have such a well-versed business leader as Joe Stough on our team. The value he has already added to FlyGuys is an asset that cannot be overstated.”

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