How to Scale Your Drone Program Nationwide

Drones are being used across a multitude of industries from land surveying and development planning to utility inspection and environmental restoration. FlyGuys has successfully completed projects for 36 unique industries each with specialized use cases all across America. If your organization has been using drones, you’ve most likely experienced how they save time and money while improving operations, and now, you want to create a specific program to leverage drone technology throughout your organization and at a national level. To learn how to scale your drone program, we’re sharing some tips to make the process successful.

Standardize Your Drone Operation

Before you can scale your drone program, you need to have a highly standardized, repeatable process in place within your company. This refers to more than just the flight and data collection step, we’re referring to having a comprehensive process from start to finish, including:

  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Training pilots and team members
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis

Having a successful system in place ensures that whether the project is in New York or Nevada, you can expect the same consistency and reliability from your crew and feel confident that every team is compliant with regulations. Additionally, having a scalable system in place saves you time, reduces costs, and minimizes complexities as your organization begins managing multiple projects nationally.

Prioritize Data Management

The goal of every drone project is to collect data, whether it’s progress monitoring, land surveying, or determining crop damage after a disaster. Making sure that you have ample storage space, a viewing platform as well as security and processing steps in place prior to creating your national program will prevent data loss or data breaches. We would highly recommend that you build efficient, secure databases or procure a custom software that you can scale to keep up with your company’s growth prior to taking your drone program to a national level.

Consider How You Can Utilize Your Drone Program

While you may only consider using drones for a specific application, such as land surveying, drones have a wide variety of functionality. Depending on your industry, you may be able to use drones for site planning, progress monitoring, and marketing images. Consider working with a drone program consultant to determine how you can best leverage or maximize your program to get the most use and functionality from it.

Building an In-House or Outsourced Drone Fleet

Having a national drone program means you’ll need an experienced team of pilots as well as a training program plus a larger fleet of drones, cameras, and sensors, and a maintenance program to ensure your equipment is in proper working order. This will allow you to manage multiple projects in a variety of locations all at once.

Rather than building your own in-house fleet or a team of pilots, you can partner with a third party company such as FlyGuys. This allows you to have qualified, licensed pilots gathering data using high-quality equipment for your drone program without the expense or time necessary to hire, find, and train your own pilots. Some companies also take a split approach whereby establishing an internal program and outsource as needed. Another option is to temporarily outsource while you build an internal program. Whatever the case FlyGuys can add value to your organization.

Why FlyGuys Can Help you Scale

FlyGuys offers a wide variety of drone services to clients on a national and international level from LiDAR services to drone inspections. We know what it takes to develop and execute a successful drone program, and with a vast network of pilots, we are here to help scale your drone program.

Schedule a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Drone Program

If you are ready to scale your drone program to the next level, FlyGuys can help you succeed at every step. Whether you want to consult with experts on what your drone program needs, you need to rent drones for individual projects, or you want to outsource your projects and work with trained, licensed pilots, we offer comprehensive drone services to help you meet your goals. Schedule a free consultation today at 1 (888) 837-0940 or fill out the form below to get started.

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